Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Park #13: Ambassador Commons Park - Gahanna

   Another totally small one. This gets a back story, though. During my first attempt to photograph it, our temps were in the high 90s for the 1st time. Just brutal. The bonus is the bus ran through the future home of the Africentric School which is currently near my neck of the woods. The new site is in the old Woodlands Meadows ghetto/government housing which was very fortunately damaged beyond repair during a nasty ice storm a while back. All thats left of the Woodlands Meadows place is about 5 football fields size of tall grass. I had through there before and wondered why such a large tract was left to rot. Thanks to the friendly COTA driver, now I know. 

    So.... getting to this park was another story. First, my cell camera died on me so I debated whilst having a few beers at the Mug & Jug if I should even go since I rather would have a place surprise me. I ended up blowing the place off and had another beer. Man, it was hotter when I left and waiting for the bus was an absolute mess. I swore I got minor heat stroke that day and ended up missing 2 buses. That sucked ass cause those routes way up there only come by once an hour.

   Oh well, live and learn... got back up there and this was about it... 

   Cute MILFs wandering around the area, so bonus points for that ;)

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