Thursday, July 19, 2012

Park #18: Amlin Crossing Park - Dublin

  Man, this one was WAAAAAAYYY out on the perimeter of Franklin County. The bus to Dublin, which runs very "sparsely" anyway, goes nowhere near this place. Oh well, nothing one can't get to via a trusty hunk o' junk bicycle.

  This was one of those villages that was a blink and you miss it type of place. No stores, just a bunch of farmland and a set of RR tracks which seems to be the place the locals hand out at (at least this particular day). The park itself was a small pocket park with the bonus of a very nice community garden. A couple ladies were out there working the garden when I visited. It wasn't yet stupid hot like its been in Ohio lately, so I strolled around for a little while. I didn't stay too long though since the light was fading and I knew I'd either have to take Riverside or Dublin Rd to get back to my home, and that is NOT a pleasant prospect with a bicycle, much less a bicycle with no lights (or rear brake on that day).

I'm guessing kitty is stalking a mouse.

Reading up on this place afterwards, turns out its the first community garden in Washington Township. Nice little place in the middle of nowhere.

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