Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Park #29: Ballantrae Community Park - Dublin

   Conveniently next door to Balgriffin Park is this place. It consists of a couple of ponds, huge fields and a really tricked-out kids splash area. I had seen this place a couple of months ago and it was raging with families having a killer time. Unfortunately the light was running low and at that time I had no bus pass and the ride back from Dublin to SE Columbus via bike was gonna be horrendous (it was). The 1st 3 pics are from that trip. This time around it was a grey cool day and the splash area had been dry since the end of summer, I guess. This was Monday and I wish when I was there it was really warm like today and yesterday.

   Gotta mention the rabbit statues :) They are by Sophie Ryder, who is known for her highly-textured animal sculptures. She has a few pieces in a park in Nashville which I had seen when I lived down there, so it was a nice suprise to see some of her work here in Ohio. The kids really like running around the wabbits!


Park #28: Balgriffin Park - Dublin

   Balgriffin Park is a nice park in the upper-middle class area of Dublin, OH. Not too much to it besides a walking trail, a pavillion and some play equipment.

   This place has a disc golf course which was an Eagle Scout project for a local boy. Its a pretty short/small 9-hole course so since I still play with actual Wham-O frisbees I could perhaps hang with the disc guys. Yeah, I'm old school. What can I say?

   All in all, a nice little place that is interconnected to the rest of Dublin via their very excellent bike trails, which are pretty much everywhere up there (Columbus, are you listening?).

Dublin's shelters are a bit nicer than the usual ones.

I know disc golf by its other titles "SHIT!!!!!" or "DAMMIT!!!!"

The fall colors are fading fast.