Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Park #29: Ballantrae Community Park - Dublin

   Conveniently next door to Balgriffin Park is this place. It consists of a couple of ponds, huge fields and a really tricked-out kids splash area. I had seen this place a couple of months ago and it was raging with families having a killer time. Unfortunately the light was running low and at that time I had no bus pass and the ride back from Dublin to SE Columbus via bike was gonna be horrendous (it was). The 1st 3 pics are from that trip. This time around it was a grey cool day and the splash area had been dry since the end of summer, I guess. This was Monday and I wish when I was there it was really warm like today and yesterday.

   Gotta mention the rabbit statues :) They are by Sophie Ryder, who is known for her highly-textured animal sculptures. She has a few pieces in a park in Nashville which I had seen when I lived down there, so it was a nice suprise to see some of her work here in Ohio. The kids really like running around the wabbits!


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