Sunday, August 12, 2012

Park #21: Anheuser Busch Sports Park - Columbus

     Just off Olentangy River road is this sprawling sports complex of baseball fields, a couple soccer fields & basketball courts and an indoor cookie-cutter type complex of the half moon variety that seem to be everywhere in Ohio. This is a huge place, no doubt rocking all weekend long during the summer. I had meant to sneak in a Budweiser to drink while I was at this place, but I forgot. Seen as how Anheuser-Busch has a plant here in Columbus, I should have just phoned them up and had them deliver it to me.

I've never been in one of these things, and I wouldn't this day either as they were doing some sort of construction on it.

Pretty much what you would expect, only bigger (@50 acres).

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Park #20: Amvet Village Park - Columbus

UPDATE: I think this IS Amvets Park AFAIK. Still confused about it though, as google maps shows it as bigger than it is on my Columbus map.   

   Hmm, I screwed up. A combination of piss poor map-reading and lack of knowledge of the location led me to believe that this was the park. It seems it IS a part of it, maybe, but across the way from the real park. Or something like that. Gotta trek back over there and find out the whats what. Thats the drag about going to these places without any knowledge besides a tiny tree with a number on my Columbus map which may or may not give a coherent idea of entrances, street etc. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. Passing the buck, as it were.

   Coming soon: Non-fake Amvets Village Park     

"Columbus experienced a population boom and housing shortage after World War II. A group of veterans with the help of Amvets, American Veterans of World War II, created Amvet Village which is located on the East side of Columbus"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Park #19: Amos Lynch Plaza/Mayme Moore - Columbus

   Located by the wonderful King Arts Complex in the near east side of town is this gem of parks. The artwork and thought that went into the Amos Lynch section is something else. The Mayme Moore section is more of a traditional neighborhood park with space for picnics, a shelter and various playground equipment. The Heritage Concert Series featuring jazz artists packs them in during the summer. The whole area of the King Arts Complex is pretty wonderful and very much worth checking out.
Just near the complex is this stunning mural

Best speech ever

On the side of the King Arts Complex is this cool mural depicting the history of African Americans

I should have gotten the whole mural - it took up the whole side of the building.