Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Park #7: Alt Field - Hilliard

   Oh this was another pain to get to... COTA only runs Hilliard buses TO downtown 2x in the morning and back to Hilliard 2x at night, so basically one is shit outta luck if you want to visit hilliard sometime during the daytime/afternoon... Unless you want to walk about 2 hours from Upper Arlington, which I did. Thankfully, I talked my pal Nicole into giving me a ride back.

   A cute little place not too far down from Hill-Yard's library with a pretty beat water tower. I'm a sucker for baseball so it was nice to stumble onto a game. Don't know who was who but presumably someone won.

   This was another place that took 2 trips since my original pics of it were on my cellphone which is missing. Always some thing.

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