Monday, June 11, 2012

Parks #8&9: Alton Road Parkland/Alton-Darby Parkland - Prairie, Ohio

   Ah yes. These places. Well, lets start with the fact that COTA ran as far west as past the 270 outerbelt on US route 40 and stopped at the Kroger by Doctors Hospital. Much farther west and one gets to the boonies. Boonies usually no sidewalks and high speed limits, so needless to say it was quite a "pleasure" getting to these places.

   The walk from the Kroger drop-off was maybe 45 minutes one way to these 2 separate but equally named "parks". It was walking down the 2 lane country roads that kinda made me white knuckle it. I learned an interesting fact during this part of the tour of parks: apparently "Parkland" doesn't mean "Park". I kinda got excited when I saw the comparatively large tracks of land on the map because the last few places were represented by a pine tree symbol and a number (read: "Pocket Park"). Well, I guess Parkland means an undeveloped prairie style place. Essentially that has not been farmed in a while.
   Or something like that...
   So all in all, kind of a waste of a trip, although I got to see the progression of the new mega Casino that's going up on the west side. I also got to try the new-ish Coke Freestyle machine at Wendy's for the first time. At least it was nice to get out of the cramped confines of Old Towne East where I live in Columbus and actually see some vast tracts of farmland.

Dead end into nothingness

So THIS is a "Parkland". Huh.

lazy  Clover Groff Run

   And this was the equally impressive Alton-Darby Parkland. I just missed catching a picture of a crane in this little bog. I didn't see him till it was too late.

    I decided to snap a few more pics since this was kind of a waste of a trip, and slightly nerve-wracking. This was a huge field of last-years corn that should be sprouting up in a couple months as long as Ohio gets a better share of rain this year. Also pictured is an old church cemetery decorated for the then upcoming Memorial Day. In general, I really hate cemeteries UNLESS they are so old and historic, nobody in the area are around anymore. Something about mourners or recent sad memories, I guess. All in all it was nice to get back home to sidewalks and houses that were too close to one another ;)

I wonder who she was, what she did, why she died at 41? What did this part of Columbus look like then?

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