Monday, June 11, 2012

Park #11: Alum Creek Park South - Westerville

   Ahhh, this is more like it. There are several parks all along the Alum Creek. This one was not too far from Otterbein College in picturesque Westerville. One of the neat things, or limitations, about my strategy for doing this blog is that I don't read up on anything about the parks before I get there. No Google Earth, no Columbus MetroParks website. This keeps things interesting.

Bonus: I was rockin' my Jerry Garcia 1942-1995 T-shirt and some guy, totally business-man looking stops chatting into his cell as he's passing me about here and is all "killer shirt man."

    So, having said that, it was nice to stumble on this BMX/skate park being enjoyed by some of the local kids. I used to go to a place in Hamilton/Fairfield Ohio called Joyce Park that had a BMX track. My 12 year old self realized I didn't have all the talent I thought I did with my beloved Mongoose FS-1 bike. Still had a blast though, and an acquaintance I met let my try out his titanium bike. Man, it was quite a difference. 
I think I broke at least 6 of the rules getting these. Walking on the track? Check. Smoking a cig? Check. etc.

   This was one of the early hot days of late spring so I didn't stick around too long because of that, and also because I didn't have too much time before I had to grab the COTA bus back home. Westerville is a hell of a long way to Olde Town East if you've missed the bus. This was a Saturday, so the bus which runs limited hours out there anyway was even more limited.

BTW, is it Alum Creek Park South, or...

Alum Creek South Park???
    I kinda wanted to chat with these kids so I could've gotten some great close-up shots of them doing their thing, but they probably would've looked at me like I was from Mars. Oh well, like I said, I had limited time, and I have 300 more parks to get some good stuff.

560 Olly dude

   All in all a nice spacious park in the linked up Alum Creek trail. Just a bit north of here was Alum Creek Park North, which is coming soon...

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