Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park #24: Ashburnham Park - Gahanna

   Another pretty dinky park located in Gahanna. One weird thing I've noticed is that Gahanna is disproportionately represented so far in the A-Z park adventure I've been enjoying so far. Of the parks I've visited, at least 5 have been there. For you math majors that represents 20%.

   This park was not too far from the much larger Academy Park. I remember this day specifically due to the horrendous rain that came down. This was when COTA was still on strike, and I rode the bicycle out to Gahanna. Coming from Olde Town East, that is one hell of a haul there and back so having a basically biblical downpour didn't help. I stopped by some golf center on some major road going there to duck under their building's overhang. Lost a half a pack of smokes since I was totally drenched. I THOUGHT I screwed up my camera too because when I was taking pics of Ashburnham (Ash-burn-ham?), the display screen was looking all sorts of Fubar, fuzzy and washed out. Fortunately the pics were normal and once the camera dried out, it was OK.

   The only other noteworthy thing about visiting here was the nice lady that lived on this street who came out and offered me a bottled water and had a nice chat. I told her about my crazy blog and the hard-to-remember web address. Hopefully you got to check it out Sandra.

Gahanna IS a pretty nice section of Columbus.

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