Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park #22: Antrim Park - Columbus

   This is more like it. This former quarry is one of the crown jewels of the Columbus park system. The lake is surrounded by a crushed stone walking/jogging trail and has the Olentangy Trail running through it connecting Worthington to the north and OSU/Dowtown to the south.

   Its quite the popular spot for good sunsets, and the dogs seem to love to swim in the lake. Someone told me (no references or whatever) that the Antrim Family who donated the land have a clause in a contract that if the city of Columbus "fu*ks" with the park too much (his words) that the land will revert back to their family. Whatever that means. You heard it here first.

I seem to have good luck with pics of deer whilst visiting these parks. She was just of the bike trail and was obviously used to people since this park is so busy. These pictures were taken in late May or early June.

Really awesome deck that was built only a few years ago although this has been a park for quite a long time.

A typical sight

This place is so relaxing. Its quite the place to lay your worries at the door, if it had a door.

It was really bright outside when I took these, so I couldn't see the screen on my digital camera to notice that Mr. Bee was doing his thing.

Steve Dibble, my next door neighbor growing up in Greenhills, taught me that the stems of these ubiquitous weeds (Queen Anne's Lace) tasted like carrots when you chewed them. You don't eat them, but chew it and the flavor is remarkably similar.

This struck me as beautiful..

I tend to be a sucker for some lens flare sometimes.

A better than average reservable shelter with the ever present red huffy, my mode of transportation during this particular period of time when COTA was on strike.

   This is probably by far the best park I've been to yet. I hadn't been there since my original '92-'99 run when I lived in Columbus, so it was a nice trip down memory lane.

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