Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park #27: Avery Park - Dublin

   This place is an absolute oasis for the soccer set. Dublin is far enough away from Columbus proper for big green spaces like this. Another thing Dublin has going for it is a quite well-done network of off-road paved bike paths which came in quite handy for me during the then-continuing COTA strike. I noticed later while looking at this place through Google Earth that the baseball fields are aligned in a clover formation; appropriate for Dublin Ohio.

Kinda funky looking playset.

I've got Big Balls

This place was really huge.

The artwork on this tower was really cool, depicting various sports.

This was such a trip to stumble upon. I'm guessing the storm that caused this was the crazy windstorm that caused much of Columbus to be without power for 3-7 days. This tree was beside the creek right by the water tower in case any of my ones of readers wants to check it out.

I should know what pepper is, being a lifelong diehard Reds fan, but I do not.

Groovy little (<5 acres) bit of woods basically left alone from the rest of the park.

A very friendly and cute hepcat.

Does a tree make a sound blah blah blah

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