Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park #26: Audubon Park - Columbus

Not to be confused with Scioto Audubon Park (which is awesome, but gimme about 3 years to get to that one), this is an OK sized park not far from the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Just your basic ball fields and shelter sort of things. Good place to exercise your feet, although I wouldn't try it at night because the neighborhood is a bit dicey. The most notable thing about this park is that one of our police choppers landed here in what was the first of 3 emergency landings. The first & second, which occurred within 2 weeks of each other were minor. The third was not, involving all sorts of mayhem although everybody got out relatively OK.
This place has some really big-ol' trees.

Pretty scuzzy looking shelter. Typical non-usable toidys for good measure.

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