Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Park #2: Academy Park - Columbus

This day was a much finer day for some exploring. The "other" Academy Park was a short while away from where I live and as a result took no time to get to. This was a small athletic complex attached to the slightly more grand Wolfe Park and across the street from the way way WAY more grand Franklin Park Conservatory. Alum Creek, a waterway I shall be seeing a whole ton of splits the parks, and serves as a route for a rather long bike trail.

Located at the entrance to this park was a very old, and rather impressive pedestrian bridge. I need to see if I can dig up some info on this because it would seem unusual for this park to have been around since 1922.

Crossing over this bridge, I was surprised that the Alum Creek was so calm considering all the rain we had had around that time (late April).

Crossing the bridge and heading towards the baseball fields

It was the beginning of warm-ish weather and these kids were doing the ol' roll down the hill on their sides bit. I think If I tried that now, I might break something :/



Somehow it never rained that day, although it sure looked like it.

Couldn't help but wonder if this daycare place down the street paid their copyright fees to use the Sesame Street characters?

Last but certainly not least was this plaque on a bike racing superstar. Well.. he was overseas because in those days America was a less tolerant place. Poor guy died penniless and unknown in his own country..

  We'll, see you at the pathetically small Agler Road Park next time... that post should take about 6 seconds...

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  1. The Alum Creek bridge built in 1922 was built as part of Franklin Park. Franklin Park was created in 1886 and not long after what is now Wolfe Park became part of Franklin Park.