Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Park #3: Agler Road Park - Gahanna

A pretty worthless visit. Gahanna is one hell of a haul via bus from where I live and I really rolled snake eyes with this visit. What you see right here is pretty much what it is: a small trail along the road. They weren't even nice enough to grace me with a park sign. Oh well, part of the rules of this adventure is that I never Google earth anything, and I can't look to see where I'm going till I finish the last park.

Turning around to see the other AWESOME perspective!! In actuality, I laughed more than anything. Don't think I'll be camping here anytime soon.

Side note: besides the paper map I use, the only mention of this park I and my friend Ryan could find was a strange internal PDF document listing the % of Gahanna residents who have visited their Gahanna Parks. <1% of them had been here. That was the ONLY reference we could find about this place. Funny!

Oh well, at least The Mug & Jug and The Dolphin Lounge is right down the road...

Next up: Alexander/AEP Park and Alkire Woods Park(s)

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