Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parks #5&6: Alkire Lakes Parkland/Alkire Road Parkland - Grove City

Yet another grey miserable day. I was in fact surprised that taking the bus, involving transfers to Grove City was actually not that difficult. This particular area was rather odd. In the stretch of about 4 miles round trip walking from where the bus left me off, I got to see 4 generations of neighborhoods. At first, it was old brick buildings built really close together, followed by 1960s split-level deals with tiny yards and no garages. Soon, it turned into pretty nice places with HUGE backyards (probably the first encroachment on ex-farmland). Finally, we got to the drywall palace type overly big overly new sans tree kinda places. This was Alkire Lakes.

At least the developers had the sense to set aside some land for the little parks. To bad the dang sidewalk ends so abruptly.

It was kinda neat to walk under the shelter and find this declared thusly:

"Faye: Its raining so I'm trapped. Send 4 help"

I for one hope that witch didn't melt.

Meanwhile on the other end of the block, there was a rather quaint lake with a few fisherpeople braving the cool damp conditions in the middle of the afternoon. That reminds me.. I gotta learn to have an umbrella cause if I'm gonna have to walk significant distances from the bus, I'm gonna be soaked like I was that day..

Oh well, on the way back to the bus stop, I got to see this.. And feel free to insert your own joke...

'till next time...

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